Our Story

Luxramani is an luxury street brand that was created by Emmanuel Belmar. Former Division 1 Athlete at Virginia Tech. The brand represents a young athlete that dedicated his whole life to football whose career ended abruptly when he received a concussion in practice. This transpired after playing his best game of his career, recording a 3 sack performance 2 weeks prior. Concussion symptoms lasting over a year, I soon realized I needed to give up the game I loved, which took a toll on me. This changed his outlook on life, realizing their is life after football.


is the what we live by on a daily basis. This brand pushes others to work hard, have ambition and realize your current situation isn't you final destination! We stride to provide streetwear with superior design, quality and comfort to our customers at an affordable price! Our company is committed to elevate in all aspects of life!


Made in Atlanta, GA.

Welcome to LUXRAMANI